Pre-event Message from Vandana Monastery

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The Auspicious Bounty Treasure Ru-Lai Tower was assembled and constructed on August 28th, 2018 (end of heat of the 24 solar terms) as the first tower around Taiwan fusing tradition with modernity; religion and art.




The tower is built all bronze, 11 meters high, 13 levels in total, and shaped in an octagon. Each level keeps and supports four figures of Buddha. Chimes which perform delicate notes are hung on the eaves of the tower. The base comprises six stacks of a two-story high lotus petal. Right in the middle sits the monastery founding father’s life-size golden statue.


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Inside the tower, provided are the golden and silver stoups, day and night ever lit the candles and incenses. Those are the emblems of warding off calamities, extending lives and bringing in happiness!


The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Auspicious Bounty Treasure Ru-Lai Tower will be held on November 11th (winter commences of the 24 solar terms) at 11:11 am. Additionally, the Crane Summit 21st Century International Poetry Forum will also take place on a significant day for scholars to gather and present their literary works. The forum emphasizes spiritualism and the power of knowledge. It promotes the development and exploration of all spirits in the hope of transmitting the tender beauty of greater love and the power of benevolence. Meanwhile, there is the memorial exhibition of Chuang-Ching Founding Abbot at the art center of Vandana Monastery.


Visitors are welcome to celebrate together at the Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage. The event highlights on its hiking towards the mountain and strikes the grand peace bell for a better, harmonious future.


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Dr. Yu Hsi and the former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang, Shan-Cheng on the way to visit the tower