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Department of Philosophy
Soochow University


Perhaps the magic the poet performs is that of the complete meeting of minds. What he has found in this non-sentient material world doesn’t stop with the understanding that “a person of noble character and integrity doesn’t dwell on the material”. Ultimately everything comes back to the earth when there are no forms and appearances, no shapes and conditions, no sounds and no images… and once you find yourself there, all you see is the truth; and when your mind dwells in this state, you awake to the realization of the true self and reality that goes beyond the comprehension and discarding of the non-ego… Neither showing off ideas, nor exaggerating theories, even less taking self-pride in a “system/scheme”, the poet is like a newborn baby [symbolizing utter innocence], from beginning to the end finding joy in simply being a man, a “self/I” that is able to bear the weight/incorporate countless “others”.

(‘Sovereign Men; Free/Unrestrained Poetry – poet’s sovereign and unrestrained journey towards accurate description’)