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former President of the China National Orchestra
famous Chinese composer


Yu Hsi is an erudite, farsighted and versatile man of letters – writer, poet and photographer well-versed in the Buddhist teachings… Under Yu Hsi’s pen, the broad and deep Eastern Buddhist culture and arts have not only incorporated the quintessence and charm of the traditional ancient Chinese culture, but also teem with the contemporary spirit of humanism as well as with the beautiful visions of the future (unknown) world.

Yu Hsi has written many works of poetry characterized by dusky poetic flavor and abundance of poetic inspiration; his verses are not confined by the rules and forms of classical poetic composition, neither do they show off abstruse philosophical thoughts; often they are very readable, difficult to explain, easy to grasp yet hard to convey; however, over again [upon reading them] they infallibly induce me to ponder on “truth, goodness and beauty”. As a matter of fact, even his other literary works including novels, short stories and drama novels also teem with poetic language and rhythms. Like a sluggishly trickling creek… billowing river…raging ocean, what circulates in them is the utmost beauty; what surges in them are but pure emotions.

(“New” Seeds, “Original” Seedlings, “Human” Wisdom – the joy of retrospection: written on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Ekaikarasa Magazine)