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Taiwanese poet
editor of The Epoch Poetry Quarterly


Yu Hsi, a [writer] practicing the Buddhist teachings, uses poetic beauty to present the flawless blissful tidings of the Universe and by enriching it with his speculative thinking and wisdom, he has created a unique poetic style. [His poetry contains] both “profound” and “mundane” aspects... No matter [whether we talk about] the “human nature” or “the spirituality” [of his verses], his poems often reveal a sense of confidentiality, are a bit distant from the reality and in this respect their outspokenness is an excellent way of approaching the readers. The technique of expression is direct, yet the truth [the verses contain] is profound and is an important achievement when it comes to these two kinds of writing strategies deployed by the author… Here I’ve discussed his two long poems…[and] feel deeply rejoiced on behalf of the poetic circles. Having Yu Hsi as a member, in the future the poetic circles shall shine with bright vigor identical to that of his poetry and music, invigorating the quiet poetic arena with an extremely powerful impetus.

(‘As if amidst the Mountains, or Not – on the humanity and spirituality and writing techniques in poetic works by Yu Hsi: the example of the two long poems published in The Epoch Poetry Quarterly’)