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professor and former dean of the School of Business
Soochow University


The exceptional portrayal of the Nature’s beauty in [Yu Hsi’s novel] Dhjava has left the most profound impression on me. Yu Hsi tries to capture all the experience to be encountered in the ordinary world of man as well as all the magical and miraculous phenomena occurring on Earth: the Ice Age stretching back to the ancient times, a mountain valley under a snowstorm, the abysmal world of the ancient Moon – all of these masterfully blend with the unique natural sceneries found in the world of men and the extraordinary plot which conveys the spirit of humanism. By following the adventures the hero has to undergo, the reader is able to experience a similar journey on the pages of the book – a journey through Nature, a spiritual journey, a journey of love.

(‘A Deeply Spiritual Tour through Wonderland’)

In [his third novel] Amrta, the novelist Yu Hsi, who was awarded the Golden Tripod Award [for his novel Prabhutaratna] in 1996, employs a writing strategy of multiple space levels, in order to create a new field of contemporary innovative fiction and to convey the eternal yearning and quest of the human heart towards summum bonun.

Amrta is the most unique novel to appear in Taiwan for the last twenty to thirty years.

(‘The Eternal Truth Contained within the Circle of Reincarnation – Amrta’)

The story of [Yu Hsi’s book for children/drama] Nine-Colored Dear has a considerably positive influence when it comes to unlocking human wisdom and purification of the mind and soul. When educating their children, modern parents should not focus merely on satisfying their material needs. Rather they should actively encourage them to acquire knowledge and wisdom and guide their children towards honesty and sincerity. Through a fairy-tale like fable the Nine-Colored Dear steers the children towards the correct values and is thus both enjoyable and enlightening. It is the best fairy tale parents can use to educate their children.

(‘When Men Are Pure, the Water is Pure – Nine-Colored Dear unlocks children’s wisdom’)