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11th President of India
scientist and poet


When I see my friend Yu Hsi in front of me, the poem he wrote about Buddha on the great earth, comes to my mind. What powerful words:

The setting sun rewards me with a single golden drum
The golden drum reveals the original hometown of someone’s face
And the face reminds me of eternal thoughts
And the thoughts allow me to serenely contemplate
Contemplate the stately still-existing soul mountain
On the top of soul mountain, under Bodhi Tree
Are petrified blood traces of loving people
When I was reading this poem, “The Blue Bird’s Moonlight Sonata” by Yu Hsi, I was able to grasp the meaning of the above verses from the following:
The road The road Unrolls The road A sunflower blooms To receive The illustrious visit The Buddha seed Arises.
The magnificent mind of Yu Hsi, is indeed a shining star in our galaxy.

(‘Great Poems Connect Civilizations’, address at the 27th World Congress of Poets, Chennai, India, September 2007)


His new work The Metaphysical Traveler is an outstanding piece of literature combining poetry with philosophy. Whenever I’ve encountered and read Yu Hsi’s works I was able to witness that truth and beauty coexist… I am truly touched. This is a work of a sincere friend, great poet, philosopher and musician; and what is more, his mind understands art and painting and is able to move the hearts of people.

(address at the Felicitation Function for Taiwanese Poet Yu Hsi, Anna University, Chennai, May 2010)