Literary Works: Introduction

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Collection of Poems


Pisces Play with the Moon collects thirty-five of Yu Hsi’s Nature-decoding poems composed from the Rains to the Vernal Equinox Springtime in the beginning of this new century. From the exuberant secret code of sunset and breeze in Red Fairy Tale Castle to the amusing rehearsal of songs sung by the large relaxing rock in Rubble New Song to Theatre of Mountain and Water on a Spring Trip to a Foreign Land casting shooting stars, butterflies and clouds, poet Yu Hsi, with his innocent and romantic sentiment, endows the whole of creation in the world with a vivacious and unique appearance as well as fresh and charming scenery. Through his genuine wisdom and humanitarianism in writing, Yu Hsi reflects the living aesthetics on both shores. In an unhurried life tempo, he depicts the endless images of the whole of creation. His poetic work thus resembles an unceasing Navigation Sonata.