Literary Works: Introduction

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“109.5°Prasrabdhi - 111 Long Scrolled Manuscript Verses Series”

Completed on the 14th of August, 2003, 109.5°Prasrabdhi-“Long Scrolled Manuscript Verses Series” covers eleven directions (east, south, west, north, center, the firmament, the earth, northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast) and includes 111 scrolled poems. Yu Hsi indites the sage, joyous and esoteric causes of the universe in these long scrolled verses, which are demonstrative of the beauty and sublimity of life and replete with infinitely magical and resplendent but none the less tranquil and profound spaces of subtle thinking. The slight homesickness in the verses leads readers to arrive at the azure sea in the universe and return to the everlasting, fragrant and pure realm of pollen and crystalline diamonds in humankind’s souls. Yu Hsi holds his fourth New Book Release Party as well as a Manuscript Exhibition at Ekaika-rasa’s Arts Center in Taipei.