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The former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar paid a visit at Taiwan for 11 days on invitation of Master Dao-Yi (Yu Hsi) of Vandana Monastery starting from 9th November, ending on 20th November.


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The former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar and his wife Mrs. Tsolmon arrived at Taoyuan Intl. Airport on 9th November, welcome by Dr. Yu Hsi and his work team.


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(left to right) Ambassador Khaliun, Mrs. Tsolmon, President Nambar Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, Senior Executive Officer Sun


In the morning of 10th November, president Enkhbayar took a tour of the Vandana Monastery. In the afternoon, he enjoyed the classical music and dance drama "AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN" (one in a million) from Tamil Nadu produced by the founder president of Bharat Cultural Center ( Rajaram Moorthy in celebration of the establishment of “the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.”


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Dr. Yu Hsi and President Nambar Enkhbayar in the Chan Lamp Meditation Hall



Dr. Yu Hsi and the presidential couple took a picture in front of the golden statue of Master Chuang-Ching.



In Gan-Lu Meditation Hall, President Enkhbayar smells the scent of the Pu'er tea brick.



Dr. Yu Hsi's shows his long scroll poetry to President Enkhbayar.


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Dr. Rajaram gives a speech at the end of the show.          President Enkhbayar confers honours upon performers.


Thirukkural was written 2000 years ago by a Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar. All the couplets deal with various aspects of human activities like devotion to God, ascetic life, family life, charity, kingship, defense, friendship, love etc. In this musical dance drama "One in a Million", 62 couplets have been chosen to depict the life of a prince from birth to herothood.



President Enkhbayar took a photo with the Indian dance group led by Dr. Rajaram Moorthy. 


Later in the evening, president Enkhbayar and former premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng attended the yearly thousand-people mountain pilgrimage of Vandana Monastery and struck the bell praying for world peace.


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(L) Former Premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng arrived at Vandana Monastery, welcome by Dr. Yu Hsi.

(R) Mr. Chang Shan-cheng with former Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Huang Chung-Chiu



President Enkhbayar and former Premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng stride into the main hall.



Three extraordinary men gathered together, exchanging ideas.


President Enkhbayar mentioned a poem "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by the English poet John Donne while giving the solemn speech for the Water-Land Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage; "The poem emphasizes an idea of striking the bell for the whole universe instead of doing it for oneself. In the same time, the bell tolling sound has a positive meaning of pursuing good fortune and avoiding the mishaps in Mongolian customs." Said President Enkhbayar, "The tolling bell awakes the people who get lost in busy lives. The person who tolls the bell must remain calm and happy for he is bringing benefit to others." Lastly, president Enkhbayar came to a conclusion by saying "if there's no kindness and friendship in one's life, the tolling bell can wake him up and make him remember to benefit others. The tolls of bell have provided a way for the public to practice and become Buddhas."



President Enkhbayar gives an address for the Water-Land Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage.


蒙古恩赫巴雅爾總統敲擊幽冥鐘   前行政院長張善政敲擊幽冥鐘

President Enkhbayar and Former Premier Mr. Chang struck the peace bell praying for a greater future of our world. 


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After the bell striking, they strolled up to see the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda in night view and introduced Chang to the Chan Lamp Meditation Hall.



(left to right) Secretary-general of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Former Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Huang Chung-Chiu, Former Premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng, President Nambar Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, Mrs. Tsolmon, wife of Chang Shan-cheng, wife of Huang Chung-Chiu, translator Mrs. Tsengelmaa





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For Whom the Bell Tolls
John Donne


                                                                       No man is an island,
                                                                       Entire of itself.
                                                                       Each is a piece of the continent,
                                                                       A part of the main.
                                                                       If a clod be washed away by the sea,
                                                                       Europe is the less.
                                                                       As well as if a promontory were.
                                                                       As well as if a manor of thine own
                                                                       Or of thine friend's were.
                                                                       Each man's death diminishes me,
                                                                       For I am involved in mankind.
                                                                       Therefore, send not to know
                                                                       For whom the bell tolls,
                                                                       It tolls for thee.