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Warming up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony; Mongolian choomi (throat singing) and traditional Indian dance


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Traditional Mongolian Music performed in the Crane Summit Plaza



Raise the curtain: talented musician Hsu Man-ni sounded the Triton's trumpet for the grand event.


On 11th November at 11 a.m., president Enkhbayar and former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng both addressed their speeches for the opening ceremony of “the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.”




President Enkhbayar addressed in his speech, “…Today happens to be the 150th anniversary of the end of World War I. Today's meaningfulness is as inspiring as the ceremonial function of the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda. It is the proof that the issues between countries should be resolved through peaceful passages instead of battles and wars.”




Former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng said in his speech, “…As an old saying goes ‘walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.’ Our old master planted a tree of cultivation and enlightenment for later generations. Today we witnessed the profundity of Buddhism through Master Dao-Yi’s eyes.”


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Cutting the ribbon for the “Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda” and “Chan Lamp Meditation Hall”


Meanwhile, President Tsai Ing-wen had specially sent congratulations by letter on the establishment ceremony of “Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda” and “Chan Lamp Meditation Hall” on 11th November 2018. In the letter, she wrote, “through the grand event, it is expected to carry forward the good tendencies of the religion to the world, and unite people to practice good deeds, develop care on society, culture and humanities.”


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President Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, President of Indian Officers' Association Rajaram Moorthy, Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov and Mongolian poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo took a group photo with pupils from Hualien Ocean Holiday School in front of the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.


After the ceremony, president Enkhbayar and other guests had vegetarian lunch at the Fragrance Cloud Floor in Vandana Monastery.


President Enkhbayar enjoyed the meal.


In the afternoon, president Enkhbayar attended the grand Mongolian dance and music feast held for the celebration of Vandana Monastery. Music produced by the top-notch Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov, the great show was brought by 17 Mongolian national dancers and music performers, with brilliant poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo narrating his beautiful poem.


Poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo gives a narration of his poem.



Mongolian State Philharmonic

performed with zither, Morin khuur(horsehead fiddle) and the piano


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Traditional festive dance performed by the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble



Originality: Mongolian choomi (throat singing) merged with Western opera


President Enkhbayar presented Dr. Yu Hsi a gift of gratitude, friendship, and commemoration; president of the State of Mongolia commemorative silver coin and a hardcover edition of "the Great Mongol Empire." The same gifts were also given to the former president of R.O.C. Ma Ying-jeou and the former premier of the Executive Yuan R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng.


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Dr. Yu Hsi with the top-notch Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov and

his daughter the horsehead-fiddle player Jantsannorov Uugantuya


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Dr. Yu Hsi, president Enkhbayar, composer Natsag Jantsannorov, and poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo took a group photo with the Mongolian State Philharmonic and the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble.


After the unforgettable music and dance feast, Dr. Yu Hsi led president Enkhbayar to the Religion and Poetry Forum 2018 held by the Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum. There president Enkhbayar gave an opening speech to participants including: President of the Czech PEN club Jiří Dědeček, President of the Slovak PEN club Milan Richter, President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and the World Congress of Poets Dr. Maurus Young, Vice Chancellor of the University of Tamil Nadu Bhaskaran Ganapathy, Mongolian poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo, professor of NKNU Lin Weng-ching, professor of NDHU Lee Chin-yi, and poet Du Yeh, etc.


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Right after he finished his schedule in Hualien, president Enkhbayar with his crew headed to the train station and took a north-bound train to Taipei where he paid visits planned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to several national core organizations such as the Examination Yuan of R.O.C., Legislative Yuan of R.O.C., Control Yuan of R.O.C., and Judicial Yuan of R.O.C. in the following days. Selected details will be illustrated in the next article.





-End of Part 2-