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Taiwanese – Mongolian meeting of the “Four Gentlemen” – summit hosted by Master Dao Yi and President Enkhbayar


Former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar, visited Taiwan for the first time at the invitation of Master Dao Yi. After touring Taipei, he returned to Hualien on the 17th of November to meet with Master Dao Yi, Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov, and poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo. In the miraculous scenery of Vandana Monastery, they inaugurated the “Four Gentlemen Summit”. The alliance of plum flower, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum agreed on gathering at least once two years in any place and time.


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From left: poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo(Bamboo/White Tiger), president Enkhbayar(Chrysanthemum/Azure Dragon), composer Natsag Jantsannorov(Plum flower/Black Tortoise), Master Dao-Yi(Orchid/Vermillion Bird)



Master Dao Yi explains: “We organized the [Four Gentlemen Summit] under the auspices of the Former President of Mongolia, Mr. Enkhbayar. During the meeting, each of the four participants received a different type of flower: chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchid and plum flower. Each of them has special meaning. Just like four mythical animals in the legends have their distinct positions. Azure Dragon symbolizes the east, Vermillion Bird the south, White Tiger the west, and Black Tortoise the north. During our first meeting, the Azure Dragon symbolizing the east was the one to spoke first – President Enkhbayar mentioned that [The first chapter of Diamond Sutra states that Buddha does not value physical appearance or wealth in his followers, but he only pays attention to their actions.]”


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Black Tortoise of the north gave the speech as the second Gentleman: “I will discuss the religious and Buddhist matters from a musical perspective. Pythagoras is an ancient music scholar, famous German composer Bach is the founder of modern music. Long ago did the music and religion started to coexist, they both have a lot do with each other since a very long time. Sacred music is the root of the ancient music.” – Mr. Jantsannorov said.




Master Dao Yi, symbolized by Scarlet Bird of the south, mentioned in his speech: “The first chapter of the Diamond Sutra goes: [He stripped his clothes, washed his feet and sat with his legs crossed. Gave himself to meditation after the self-clearance...]


Representing the White Tiger of the west, Mr. Mend-Ooyo mentioned: [In my childhood years, the altar in our house did not have any Buddha statue. There was only a stone from our hometown, a classic Tibetan book which I did not understand, and a Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle). Through these three things, I gained a new understanding, cognition, and relationship with the Buddha.]


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After the statement given by the representative of the west, the meeting entered the free thought exchange part. After the enthusiastic discussion, President’s wife Mrs. Tsolmon has put her statement forward: “Composer [Jantsannorov] truly is a Living Buddha. He contributed to music so much, moving our feelings so many times, especially with the “White Pagoda” composition. You cannot find a Mongolian who is not familiar with it. His music makes people’s hearts soften, and soft hearts are the hearts of Buddha. That is why he is the Living Buddha. Einstein said that mankind is constantly developing. It has already reached the outer space. But in the end, what will remain are the teachings of Buddha. Scientists have proven that quantum and electrons explain the existence of Buddha’s blessing as if Buddhism is the final, ultimate energy. The Buddhist concept of non-self is very important. Concurrently, the greatest power of mankind is the power of the spirit…]


This beautiful commentary marked the ending of the forum. We are awaiting the next gathering.


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Mrs. Tsolmon


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Master Dao-Yi (Yu Hsi) is used to illustrate his ideas on sheets of plain paper.


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