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2019 Pongal Festival organized by Taiwan Tamil Sangam took place at CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION in Taipei on January 16th.


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The Pongal Festival; which means the harvest festival, is widely celebrated in southern India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. The tradition has been passed down for centuries. The celebration lasts for four days in a row, and it usually commences on January 13 or 14 according to the Tamil calendar. Find more information here.


TTS (Taiwan Tamil Sangam) with an aim to create cultural exchanges, welcomed Taiwanese and Tamilians in Taiwan altogether to join the festivity. Dr. Yu Hsi as the founder president of TTS was invited to give a speech and light up fortunate candles for a great new year with the director general of ITA (India Taipei Association) Mr. SRIDHARAN MADHUSUDHANAN.



Dr. Yu Hsi greeted the TTS staff in the VIP room.


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Dr. Yu Hsi and Mr. Sridharan both gave speeches to wish all comers a healthy and prosperous year.



Light up candles for the blessing of a good future


Dr. Yu Hsi and Mr. Sridharan exchanged gifts before the activity began. They were happy to reunite on this special occasion.

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Tamil folk dance


In addition to the brilliant performances, the Pongal festival was alternated with certificate distributions to praise the children's hard working for the past year. 

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The Chinese flute player Xu Man-Ni brought a popular song of India to the audience.



Hundreds of people came to join the great event.