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[H-1]  Hearing the Sound ---A Musical Sequel to Prabhūtaratna


Published in 1995, Prabhūtaratna was Yu Hsi's second full-length novel. Consisting of over 160,000 characters, it provides a vivid view of the spirit of Eastern culture and art, and garnered critical acclaim soon after its publication. Written in a brisk and original style, it leads contemporary readers back to the truth, goodness, purity, and beauty inherent in life. Rich in literary and spiritual import, this engaging allegory explores the human experience on multiple levels. In 1996 Prabhūtaratna won the prestigious Golden Tripod Award for Creative Literature.

I have come in response to your devout supplication

It’s now 22 years later, and Prabhūtaratna is again in the limelight, demonstrating the intense interest amongst all generations in the eternal values of truth, goodness, and beauty. For, as we read in Prabhūtaratna, “truth and beauty coinhere,” providing us with a compass to guide us in our search for the inner Arcadia. In his distinctive style, Yu Hsi makes masterful use of such themes as emotion, sympathy, faith, and wisdom to take the reader on a tour of the native place on the river of life, while infusing the heart and mind with a sense of purity which empowers us in our ongoing search for our long-lost state of grace.