Herald-- Upcoming Inauguration Ceremony of the Auspicious Bounty Treasure Ru-Lai Tower

2018 - 09 - 27
Pre-event Message from Vandana Monastery The Auspicious Bounty Treasure Ru-Lai Tower was assembled and constructed on August 28th, 2018 (end of heat of the 24 solar terms) as the first tower around Taiwan fusing tradition with modernity; religion and art.     The tower is built all bronze, 11 meters high, 13 levels in total, and shaped in an octagon. Each level keeps and supports four figures of Buddha. Chimes which perform delicate notes are hung on the eaves of the tower. The base comprises six stacks of a two-story high lotus petal. Right in the middle sits the monastery founding father’s life-size golden statue.                          Inside the tower, provided are the golden and silver stoups, day and night ever lit the candles and incenses. Those are the emblems of warding off calamities, extending lives and bringing in happiness!   The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Auspicious Bounty Treasure Ru-Lai Tower will be held on November 11th (winter commences of the 24 solar terms) at 11:11 am. Additionally, the Crane Summit 21st Century International Poetry Forum will also take place on a significant day for scholars to gather and present their literary works. The forum emphasizes spiritualism and the power of knowledge. It promotes the development and exploration of all spirits in the hope of transmitting the tender beauty of greater love and the power of benevolence. Meanwhile, there is the memorial exhibition of Chuang-Ching Founding Abbot at the art center of Vandana Monastery.   Visitors are welcome to celebrate together at the Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage. The event highlights on its hiking towards the mountain and strikes the grand peace bell for a better, harmonious future.   Dr. Yu Hsi and the former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang, Shan-Cheng on the way to visit the tower


Grand Opera of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva in Vandana Monastery

2018 - 09 - 09
  The Bounty Guanyin Cultural Foundation has launched a series of Buddhist art multimedia- Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Opera that combine poetry, music, and drama. In the afternoon of September 9, the magnificent performance was held at the Bounty Guayin Art Center of Vandana monastery in Hualien. Dignitaries including the former premier of the Executive Yuan, Chang Shan-Cheng and his wife attended the tremendous creative art event of the history of Taiwanese Buddhism.   From right to left: Hung, Bing-Fa; Master Dao-Yi of Yu Garden; former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang, Shan-Cheng and his wife; former president of Tai-power Hung, Chung-Chiu and his wife and daughter   Once upon a time, there was a Brahman woman endowed with abundant blessings from previous lives who was respected by everyone. Whether she was walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, gods surrounded and protected her. Her mother, however, embraced a deviant faith and often slighted the Triple Jewel.            The Brahman Woman   The Brahman woman knowing her mother was suffering, she sold off her property and bought fragrant flowers to support the figure of Enlightenment-Flower Samadhi Self-Mastery King Thus Come One. She renovated the temple in return for her mother’s blessings. Her faith moved the Gods, under the instruction of Enlightenment-Flower Samadhi Self-Mastery King, she knew from the side sea of Hell that the dead mother has surpassed to Heaven. Filled with gratitude, the Brahman woman vowed: “will not be a Buddha until Hell is evacuated.” The Brahman woman is now known as Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva.                              Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva                                    Throwing the Red Robe Scene   The producer and director of this play, Master Dao-Yi had said, “by putting out the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva opera that combines poetry, music, and drama, hopefully through the delicate and original performance of Buddhist art multimedia, we can insert more positive energy to the society, rebuilding the moral order and leading people’s life to a better, peaceful future.”   Master Dao-Yi of Yu Garden   The performance was a leap from the previous script in a way that it fuses visual art with the opera. The previous script lasts 30 minutes, while this time the performance will be almost two hours long. It had added an important character, troubadour to enrich the diversity of the story throughout the play. Above all, the band which creates the novel techniques for bonding poetry and music is different from the Buddhist art classic ever before.   The Troubadour   In addition to inviting top-notch Taiwanese composer, Sue Wen-Ching for a whole new version of songs, and the excellent millennial conductor Huang Guang Yu, Master Dao-Yi specially invited the elder Ming-Guang to do cameo role for Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva. With many superior musicians and performers together, they co-built the Buddhistic art classic joining music, poetry, drama, choreography and visual effects.                                                               Composer, Sue Wen-Ching                                  Conductor, Huang Guang Yu   Elder Ming-Guang   The audience was about to receive a delicately arranged surprise; the flute soloed the Indian salvation tone at the end of the show accompanying petals of Jasmine. The magnificent ending not only brought a sensational experience to the viewers but also completed with a perfect, moving touch for the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva opera. See also  


Pristine- Chapter VII. Others

2018 - 08 - 16
Pristine◎ Yu Hsi   Chapter Seven: Others 別的   I am the most primal mediator in the heart of ’s everlasting sea of dreams.It has always been I who have given orders in the subconscious in ’s dreams. 我是亙古夢海核心中最原始的通靈者原本就是我在夢裡潛意識所下的指令      tiptoed into my dreams like an actor and arrived at the vernal “Calling Pavilion.”That night, an amusing mythological play was put on stage at the unconcealed theatre.Behold! The leopard-patterned butterfly wings fluttered in the mighty melody of the wind.I waded across water in dance steps, the glistening light of waves resemblingglittering stars in the Milky Way. loved to copy the flying birds’ way of soaring high in the sky, manifesting thegesture of e, the free flowing body.I stirred the sea waves, which, in the twinkling of an eye, interwove illusions likethe crimson evening glow.It was I who had keyed in a sweet password to the subconscious of the original lover,So that all the yearnings and longings that drifted across ’s dreams became those for me.That night, from the clay-made dancer in the closetBorrowed I a dreamlike dancing costume to wear to the date. extended his wings, which were like the wings of the precious butterfly in theheavenly city, and held me tight.Forthwith blushed my face scarlet to veil the excited facial expression.Afar, a pair of Kingfishers flew into the emerald fields at dawn and were lost.The convective cloud system in the sky last night had already steered elsewhere,So that the morning sun may emerge again today.I snuggled up to ’s chest, stayed there the whole night,And savored the taste of sea just like in a dream.A drizzling rain moistened and drifted by my forehead,And aroused the nerve endings so that they palpitated.I calmed myself down and closed my eyes.With my finger tips, I touched ’s glabella where the pearl was hidden,And keyed in tender commands to ’s subconscious.One kind of eternal love rocked in the waves of particularized discernment.One kind of timeless affection boiled in the ocean of mind.One scroll of painting on love hidden in dreams that had started nowhere and ended nowhereUnveiled under the continuous 108 thunderclaps.A flag fluttering against the wind was hidden in the garden of dreams.In the billowing Nairanjana River16 were complex latticesWritten on the dazzling veins of the bo-tree leaves. 16.An eastern tributary of the sacred river Phalgu in India.     扮演我夢中的潛行者來到春日的呼亭 那一夜在無遮劇場有逗趣的神話正上演 看那豹紋的蝶翼招搖在風的威音世界中 我踩著水的舞步瀲灩波光如銀河星子在閃爍 愛學飛鳥滑翔雲空競演自由流體e的姿態   我舞 海波浪剎那間交織如火紅霞海的幻想 是我將一組甜蜜密碼輸入最初 人的潛意識 使夢裡所浮現的相思念念都是對我的想念 那一夜我跟櫥櫃的泥偶舞人 借了一件夢幻的舞衣來赴約 張開如天城寶蝶雙翼的翅膀緊緊擁抱我 我的臉上頓時泛起一陣紅暈遮那興奮表情 遠方一對翠鳥在晨光拂曉時飛入綠野迷踪 昨夜的對流雲系早已偏移 使今朝的太陽又可以露臉 我依偎在的胸膛一整夜 如夢似幻品嚐著海的味道 一陣微雨濕潤滑過我額頭 引發末梢神經的一陣悸 我把心定下來把雙眼閉起來 我用指螺觸摸藏珠的眉心 將寄情的指令輸入潛意識 一種永恆的愛在識浪裡搖滾 一種亙古的情在識海裡沸騰 一卷無始無終夢藏e 畫卷 在連續雷鳴的108 響中開啟 一幢逆風旗幟藏在那夢的園林 尼連禪河的浪濤裡有繁複的格 在菩提貝葉光燦的脈波裡描寫     I am the most primal mediator in the heart of the everlasting sea of dreams of .It has always been I who have given orders in the subconscious in ’s dreams.Back then, I was once mischievous and stuck my tongue out at .Back then, I once blew the vernal breeze across ’s forehead.Back then, I once said sweetly and bashfully to :“We are like a cloth puppet meeting a wood marionette.”The lens of the down-slanting moonlight chased us from above and caught up with our footprints.A little spiritual air has leaked from our seas of minds,Which intertwined minutely to form companying effect.And now, how can I not care about ?And how can  not cherish my love?Behold! The precipices are hollering facing the vernal winds.One after another, the sea tides scan the dynamic conditions of the sentient sky.Love is a sword tempered and refined with passion.The most original gustatory sense dribbles among one’s ten fingers.   我是亙古夢海核心中最原始的通靈者 原本就是我在夢裡潛意識所下的指令 那時我曾經對調皮地吐舌頭 那時我曾經吹春風滑過額頭 那時我曾經甜蜜嬌羞地對說 我們好像是布做的偶人遇到木做的人偶 月光的鏡頭從上方斜追迎上我們的足跡 我們的識海滲漏些許靈氣 微密的交織成為共伴效應 而今叫我如何能不在乎 叫如何能不在乎我的愛 看那峭壁在迎著春風吶喊 海潮陣陣為情天 態掃描 愛是一把用熱情淬煉的劍 十指間流淌著最初的味覺⋯     In the windy outdoor staircase, I saw  riding on an old bicycleAnd searching in the fields blossoming with cerulean flowers for the desolateness of an olden town.Gazing upon the picture of  taken in his youth, which he had left in my armsright before he took leave of his hometown,I set free a story packed with emotion.One night, a white cloud in the sky drifted hitherAnd carried away with it a fabulous scene of moonlight.It is said that , in the verdant forests of anion afar,Has acquired a medical prescription which can cleanse love of mankind.I saw that  was bathed in the soft moonlight.Whip-long rattans cling to the old gnarled banian treeAnd clamber up the lofty cliff to the summit where the top of the mountain isIn order to search for the mysterious golden key that I gave  in the dreams.It is a kind of everlasting promise; it is a kind of unconditional realization.A few tears of love bounce night after night on the indigo pillows in the dreams.A few thoughts of longing search in the dreams for the person one is in love with.There is a forlorn and endless corridor underneath the windy outdoor staircase.A pagoda-shaped pavilion was inlaid among the mountainous rocks.The grass at the ridges has sprinkled verdancy all over the mountains.There are glittering and translucent gullies collecting the tears lovers shed in their dreams.That night, I saw that  walked outdoors and got sodden to the skin.The mysterious Water Dragon stirred up a furious tempest,Turning all of ’s past memories into mine.That night, I lay by ’s sideAnd started dreaming even before I fell asleep.I looked for  everywhere in my dreams, only in vain.I came to a thousand-year-old ancient kiln,And saw a thousand-year-old golden toadLooking at its own reflection at the brink of a spiritual, limpid and lucid pond.I heard a primeval cowry singing a melody of the primal chaos notes,While , slumbered by its side, was snoring…I reached out to turn on a petite lampAnd stared reading the logbook  had kept in his youth.In the incredible seaway voyage,The violent winds of force 13 on the Beaufort scale blew up rough billows andcarried with them full-flushed waves.Behold! That ever forwarding sailing boat hastily steered into a fiord to take shelter.After having raged from sunset at dusk through the night, the storm finally abatedat sunrise and the sea was once again calm and tranquil.The wings of the wise “Yi-bird”17 painted on the prow were transformed into arc rainbows.The look in his eyes softly scanned the tepid water surface,Igniting a round torch flame of maples and green maples by the west shore.The captain on the ever forwarding sailing boat is playing amazing games in the incredible seaway.One act after another and one play after another is staged with one climaxfollowing another, and the curtain never falls…(to be continued) 17.An aquatic bird mentioned in ancient books.     在風的騎樓下我看到騎著一輛古老的腳踏車 在開滿藍花的原野追尋一座亙古舊城喻的滄桑 我對著離鄉時留在我懷裡那疇昔年少的照片 釋放了一則心情的故事 有一夜天空來一朵白雲 將一枚美美月色拎著走 聽說在遠方負離子的綠森林 取得一帖淨化人類愛的處方箋 我看到在柔和月光的照耀下 鞭長的藤條攀纏卷曲的老榕樹 直上峭壁之峰山崖之頂的境地 是為了尋找那支我在夢裡送給的神秘金鑰 是一種永遠的承諾 是一種毫無條件的兌現 是幾顆情淚夜夜跳 在夢裡的青枕 是幾朵相思的念在夢裡尋找意中人 在風的騎樓下有條無盡的孤寂長廊 塔形亭閣鑲在峰形岩間 嶺邊的草織演漫山的綠 有晶瑩透亮的溝渠收藏情人夢裡的淚珠 那一夜我看到露天行走全身都濕透了 神秘的水龍捲 一場狂風暴雨 將過去記憶都變成我的回憶 那一夜我躺在身邊  還沒入睡就作夢去了 夢裡到處遍尋不著 我來到一座千年古窯 看到有隻千年金 蜍 在一方水靈靈清澈又透明的池塘前照見自己身影 我聽到一隻亙古原生螺貝在唱一曲原始的混沌譜 旁邊小睡的正在打呼⋯ 我伸手捻亮了一盞小燈 讀著少時的航海日誌 在不可思議的航道旅程 十三級風吹大浪挾長浪 看那艘不退風帆急急駛入避風峽灣 日落黃昏到日出大海復歸風平浪靜 船艫前方智鷁鳥的翼化作弧形的虹 雙眸的眼神輕輕掃瞄過溫暖的水面 點燃西岸楓與槭一團圓滾滾的火炬 不退風帆主人在不可思議航道玩驚奇的遊戲 一劇又一劇一幕又一幕高潮又高潮永不落幕⋯(未完待續...)


Pristine- Chapter VI. The Power That Discriminates

2018 - 08 - 16
Pristine◎ Yu Hsi   Chapter Six: The Power That Discriminates 自證分   This year, the azaleas come into flower rather early.This year, I am slightly troubled by teen love. 今年的杜鵑花開得特別早今年我青春的 有點煩惱   At the Waking of Insects, worms in the earth all start wriggling.I have dreams that percolated into the fissure of awakening and slumber. said to me in the dreams,“Wait for me throughout the whole winter!”I overlooked the azure ocean and firmament,And  cast an intense glance at me.   驚蟄大地裡的蟲都在萌 我有夢滲入寤與寐的夾縫 在夢裡對我說 等我啊整個冬季 我遠眺湛藍海天 投我專注眼神     At “Huting”—the Calling Pavilion—the time bygone halts not, no matter how one calls out at it.I call incessantly to awake the god in ’s heart.In the vernal garden of peach blossoms,Rosy raindrops drift in the air before they fall on the ground.To sew up the love scar I inexplicably received in a dream in the past,It requires  to mend with eternal love now.In the interlaced zone of the worlds of sentiment and contemplation, serves two dishes of wild vegetables and a pot of rice porridge.My heart is tenderly overflowing with love.A piece of leaflet drifts in the light before it is transformed into the phantom shadow of  that dances.I, with my watery eyes, intend to tear the virtual embodiment of . said nevertheless that this is a theatre of reverie.I have not come to the wrong studio.When the love debt is mended by love, my heart aches not.Sewing it up with a drop of sincere tear running through the heart of my spiritWill suffice to bring back my innocent happiness.   呼亭呼亭逝去光陰怎麼呼也不停 是我在聲聲呼喚喚醒心中的神 在春的桃花園裡 滿天的紅雨飄落 過去夢中曾被莫名劃過一道情傷的痕 如今要縫合還須以永恆的愛來彌補 在情與想的世界交錯處 端上兩碟野菜一鍋粥 滿滿的愛充滿在我心頭 有片葉飄舞於光中化成的魅影舞 我用濕潤的眼神欲撕裂虛擬的化身 卻說這是一場夢幻劇場 我的到來並沒有走錯戲棚 以愛彌補的情債沒有心疼的感覺 縫合只要一滴真摯淚光契入靈心 就可還原我的天真愉悅     Behold! Fish swim to and fro in a thousand rivers.Hearken! That peaceful lake of mind is getting impetuous.The pink oxalises blossom all over the garden at dawn and droop at dusk.They blossom for the dainty butterflies dancing in the daytime,And they droop for the dainty butterflies in the dreams at night.This year, the azaleas come into flower rather early.This year, I am slightly troubled by teen love.Now I know not how to make a sensible choice.Shall I select a piece of scarlet petal about to fall from the tree and pen a love letter to ?Or shall I just pick a verdant newborn bud and send it to  without lettering a word?Alone, I print my footprints under the moonlit sky strewn with checker-like stars.I wonder which galaxy  steers the never-receding sailboat towards tonight.A cloud in the firmament drifts hither and covers the face of the eternal lover.Somehow the pellucid eyes can no longer see clearly.The first ray of the morning sun gradually draws the firmament curtain.The long-legged sunshine kicks right through the sea of red glows.I see colorful butterflies fluttering in the sea of colorful azaleas.I see a bunch of small tadpoles dancing in the small ditch.On the Vernal Equinox on the shore of the East Coast, a flower seems not a flowerand fog seems not fog.Wafts of mist drift in the air, and floating clouds condense into water vapor…   看那千川水澤有魚兒遊 聽那平靜心湖念在衝 滿園粉紅酢漿草晨間綻放黃昏閉闔 綻放時是為了白天飛舞的美麗蝴蝶 閉闔時是為了夜間夢裡的美麗蝴蝶 今年的杜鵑花開得特別早 今年我青春的 有點煩惱 如今我不知如何揀擇才好 是選一片即將落謝的紅花瓣書一 情札寄給 還是摘一枚新生鮮綠的嫩芽什麼也不寫寄給 我孤獨地在佈滿星棋的月光下印上自己的足跡 不知掌舵的今夜將不退風帆航向哪座銀河系 天邊飛來一朵雲遮那亙古情人的臉孔 明明歷歷的眼眸卻怎麼再也看不清楚 一道晨曦逐漸拉開黎明天幕 紅色霞海被長腳的陽光踢爆 我看到了彩色的杜鵑花海有彩色的蝴蝶在翻飛 我看到了小小溝渠裡一群幽黑的小蝌蚪在跳舞 花非花霧非霧東海岸畔春分 飛霧濛濛陣陣雲氣化成水煙⋯     For the past seventeen years,  has diligently farmed a piece of land for me.This year,  even built a new tile-roofed house for me.The scents of  permeate through the house.It is said that there would be a gentle cold-front coming through tonightAnd that it would gradually become cooler.Since the public performance of “The White Horse Enters the Reed Catkins”,My heart can no longer escape from the spiritual catching hands of .That night, the sculling sounds of  paddling the barque stirred the shadow of the moon.Moonlight was tinted with the autumn light and attuned to the autumn sounds. and I mused on the barque of love in a peripatetic manner,Resembling an elegantly flickering butterfly that teased a solitary leaflet drifting in the air.It was an extremely dizzying beautiful and resplendent moment.With my glittery and enchanting eyes cast I a glance at .Yet my inner thoughts were revealed inadvertently at the brink of my eyes.Behold! The lighthouse illuminates the mysterious number thirteen wharf.An osprey strikes with quickness, fierceness and precision,Catching a fish within five seconds.   17 年來為我殷勤開墾一畝田 今年蓋了一間新瓦厝讓我住 屋裡到處充滿了的味道 聽說夜來有微弱鋒面過境 氣溫會逐漸轉為清涼 從白馬入蘆花公演後 我的心已無法逃開那靈的擒拿手 那夜划槳的櫓聲 聲聲搖 月影 月色沾滿了秋光也感染了秋聲 我和在愛的小舟上低迴遊蕩 如翩躚翻舞的蝶逗弄寂寂飛空的葉 是一種令人極度暈眩美麗燦爛光景 我一雙瀲灩的媚眼在剎那間拋向 卻一不小心於眼角的餘光裡露了餡 看那燈塔照耀神秘的第十三號碼頭 有隻魚鷹又快又狠又準 在五秒鐘裡獵取一條魚     I saw  take out a bow kept at the lapel of his Chinese garment.He lit the everlasting ancient precious candle at the arrowhead,And shot it towards the un-illuminated murky vortex in the darksome night.The eyes of  saw through the spirit of my mind,At which my eternally freezing icy sky meltedAnd my eyes were rendered warm and gentle.It drizzled slightly at that timeAnd distilled crystal dewdrops at the forehead of .Sea waves teased the rocks on the shore and amused themselves with the spindrift.My concealed true love shall conquer all tonight.The magical incantations of love unleash for me the passion confined in the airdense with wafting mist.Tonight, it rushes at will and we are no longer lonesome individuals.   我看到從懷裡拿出藏衿之弓 點燃箭頭上那不滅的亙古寶燭 射向玄冥之夜無明幽黑底漩渦 的眼神穿越過我的心神 將我一片亙古凝結的冰天 瞬間化為一雙溫潤的雙眸 那時天空飄降微雨 在的眉宇凝晶露 陣陣海波在逗弄潮岩玩浪花 我伏藏的真愛將在今夜勝出 字訣為我打開被 鎖在濃濃飛霧瀰天裡的情 就在今夜任意奔騰我們從此不再是孤獨的個體     The emotional memories of  and I at the pivot of the sea of dreamsShare common input and output guiding circuits. and I are mutually compatible with joint circulating routes and reciprocal ownership.I confide all my deepest secrets to ,And , too, transfers all his deepest secrets to my memories.That night, both of our tranquil and solitary oceans of hearts were stricken by theseventh grade pulsating waves.The easterly wafts by, and yet the flowers fall not.The vernal river purls, and yet the water flows not.The flowers drift in the air, and yet all of the petals move not.An instantaneous yearning yesterday brings about the eternal reunion tonight.It is not a happenstance, but the common promise made by  and I in the olden days.Tonight,  tunes the strings for me, and I accompany for myself.The ratio of the vibrating waves of ’s and my mind spiritsReaches zero deviation and one hundred percent synchronization.Behold! At the long deserted ruins in the differentiating realm of the mind sea,A broken alms bowl is filled with a bright moon…(to be continued)   我和夢海中樞的感情記憶體 有著共同輸出輸入的導引迴路 我和相互相融共同迴互佔有 我將心裡所有秘密都向傾訴 也將心裡的所有秘密全部傳輸到我的記憶體 那一夜我倆湛寂的心湖都受到七級脈波的撞擊 東風吹過花不落 春江潺潺水不流 花飛空瓣瓣不 只因昨日剎那的相思換來今夜永恆的相逢 不是偶然 而是亙古來我和共同的承諾 在今夜為我調絃我為我伴奏 我和心靈脈波振 的同步率 達到零誤差 分之 的吻合度 看那心海別境一片荒蕪已久的廢墟 有只破瓦盛滿了一輪圓圓的月光⋯(未完待續...)

About Yu-Hsi

Yu Hsi is an accomplished photographer, musician, producer, director and writer who has been producing original work for over thirty years. His works are steeped with romantic characters and musical spirits, depicting the diversity of humankind. He has delved into the Eastern philosophy and the masterful use of language in classical literature to create a modern style that is characterized by freedom, wisdom and abundant emotions.


Indian poet President A.P.J Abdul Kalam was invited by the poet Yu Hsi to Visit Taiwan (Heshan Forum - 30th WCP)
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Type: Novels

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