About Yu-Hsi

Yu Hsi is an accomplished photographer, musician, producer, director and writer who has been producing original work for over thirty years. His works are steeped with romantic characters and musical spirits, depicting the diversity of humankind. He has delved into the Eastern philosophy and the masterful use of language in classical literature to create a modern style that is characterized by freedom, wisdom and abundant emotions.


Indian poet President A.P.J Abdul Kalam was invited by the poet Yu Hsi to Visit Taiwan (Heshan Forum - 30th WCP)
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Manuscript Verses of the Firmament

Manuscript Verses of the Firmament

Language: English
Type: Scroll Poetry

Comments by Critics and Writers

Liu, Xijin

famous Chinese composer


In my opinion, Yu Hsi can be called a unique man of colossal talent. From The Purple Gold-Wrought Robe to Prabhutaratna, from Amrta to Dhvaja (with elegance and ease pouring out thousands an...

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