Taiwanese – Mongolian meeting of the Four Gentlemen

2018 - 11 - 17
  Taiwanese – Mongolian meeting of the “Four Gentlemen” – summit hosted by Master Dao Yi and President Enkhbayar   Former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar, visited Taiwan for the first time at the invitation of Master Dao Yi. After touring Taipei, he returned to Hualien on the 17th of November to meet with Master Dao Yi, Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov, and poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo. In the miraculous scenery of Vandana Monastery, they inaugurated the “Four Gentlemen Summit”. The alliance of plum flower, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum agreed on gathering at least once two years in any place and time.   From left: poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo(Bamboo/White Tiger), president Enkhbayar(Chrysanthemum/Azure Dragon), composer Natsag Jantsannorov(Plum flower/Black Tortoise), Master Dao-Yi(Orchid/Vermillion Bird)     Master Dao Yi explains: “We organized the [Four Gentlemen Summit] under the auspices of the Former President of Mongolia, Mr. Enkhbayar. During the meeting, each of the four participants received a different type of flower: chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchid and plum flower. Each of them has special meaning. Just like four mythical animals in the legends have their distinct positions. Azure Dragon symbolizes the east, Vermillion Bird the south, White Tiger the west, and Black Tortoise the north. During our first meeting, the Azure Dragon symbolizing the east was the one to spoke first – President Enkhbayar mentioned that [The first chapter of Diamond Sutra states that Buddha does not value physical appearance or wealth in his followers, but he only pays attention to their actions.]”       Black Tortoise of the north gave the speech as the second Gentleman: “I will discuss the religious and Buddhist matters from a musical perspective. Pythagoras is an ancient music scholar, famous German composer Bach is the founder of modern music. Long ago did the music and religion started to coexist, they both have a lot do with each other since a very long time. Sacred music is the root of the ancient music.” – Mr. Jantsannorov said.     Master Dao Yi, symbolized by Scarlet Bird of the south, mentioned in his speech: “The first chapter of the Diamond Sutra goes: [He stripped his clothes, washed his feet and sat with his legs crossed. Gave himself to meditation after the self-clearance...]   Representing the White Tiger of the west, Mr. Mend-Ooyo mentioned: [In my childhood years, the altar in our house did not have any Buddha statue. There was only a stone from our hometown, a classic Tibetan book which I did not understand, and a Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle). Through these three things, I gained a new understanding, cognition, and relationship with the Buddha.]     After the statement given by the representative of the west, the meeting entered the free thought exchange part. After the enthusiastic discussion, President’s wife Mrs. Tsolmon has put her statement forward: “Composer [Jantsannorov] truly is a Living Buddha. He contributed to music so much, moving our feelings so many times, especially with the “White Pagoda” composition. You cannot find a Mongolian who is not familiar with it. His music makes people’s hearts soften, and soft hearts are the hearts of Buddha. That is why he is the Living Buddha. Einstein said that mankind is constantly developing. It has already reached the outer space. But in the end, what will remain are the teachings of Buddha. Scientists have proven that quantum and electrons explain the existence of Buddha’s blessing as if Buddhism is the final, ultimate energy. The Buddhist concept of non-self is very important. Concurrently, the greatest power of mankind is the power of the spirit…]   This beautiful commentary marked the ending of the forum. We are awaiting the next gathering.   Mrs. Tsolmon       Master Dao-Yi (Yu Hsi) is used to illustrate his ideas on sheets of plain paper.        


Former Mongolian President, Nambar Enkhbayar visits Taipei

2018 - 11 - 12
After attending the ceremony in Vandana Monastery, former president of Mongolia went to Taipei accompanied by Master Dao Yi. During his stay in ROC capital, Mr. Enkhbayar paid visits to Examination Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Control Yuan and Judicial Yuan. He also visited Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum.     At Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall     President Enkhbayar met with the curator of National Palace Museum and was presented a hardcover of "Cultural relics of Mongolia".    The docent explicated thoroughly on the authentic work of Tibetan Dragon Sutra from Qing Dynasty.   On November 12, Mr. Enkhbayar met with representatives of Mongolian diaspora in Taiwan and Vice Ministers of Culture Xiao Zonghuang, Xi Murong and Hai Zhongxiong. They all attended a touching “Traditional Mongolian Dance and Music Show” organized by Vandana Monastery and ROC Ministry of Culture.   From left: Hai Zhongxiong, Dr. Yu Hsi, Mr. Enkhbayar and Mrs. Tsolmon, Hai's wife and Xiao Zonghuang     On the next day, President Enkhbayar paid a visit to the Institute for    Information Industry accompanied by former ROC Vice Minister of    Economic Affairs, Huang Chung-Chiu. Mr. president expressed his great interest in Taiwanese advanced interactive technology.                       On the 15th of November, former president of Mongolia visited Confucius Temple, which was also visited by former Indian president A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in 2010 after he arrived in Taiwan at the invitation of Master Dao Yi.         The presidential couple offered burning incense with a sincere bow.      President Enkhbayar writing calligraphy on a red envelope which represents luck and fortune in Chinese culture   At Confucius Temple   On the next day, President Enkhbayar paid a visit to the former Premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and met with former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou in the office of the New Taiwanese Foundation.    President Enkhbayar accompanied by Master Dao-yi met with the former Premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-Cheng.   Former Mongolian president Enkhbayar met with former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou. The two leaders happened to be dressed in the same style and color.     Dr. Yu Hsi presented Ma with the book commemorating master Chuang-Ching as a memento of the special meeting.   In the afternoon, he visited Fin Tech Space and Delta Electronic company accompanied by former Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Huang Chung-Chiu.   President Enkhbayar arriving at the Institute for Information Industry with Mr. Huang Chung-Chiu(center) and Dr. Yu Hsi   What came in sight first had president Enkhbayar's attention; a screen that tells the visitor's age, gender and emotions.   President Enkhbayar left his signature on the celebrity wall.         On November 17, President Enkhbayar returned to Hualien. In the evening, he and his wife both took part in the Chan Buddhism forum on Diamond Sutra organized by Master Dao Yi.  See related article On the 19th of November, one day before leaving Taiwan, the presidential couple visited headquarters of Formosa Television to meet with its president Guo Beihong, general manager Wang Mingyu and Deputy General Manager Hu Wanling. The two sides expressed an interest in joint television and drama cooperation.        Visiting filming studios at FTV     The presidential couple spent 12 days in Taiwan in total and returned to Mongolia on the 20th of November, satisfied with their visit.  


Former President of Mongolia - Nambar Enkhbayar - trip to Taiwan (2)

2018 - 11 - 11
        Warming up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony; Mongolian choomi (throat singing) and traditional Indian dance   Traditional Mongolian Music performed in the Crane Summit Plaza   Raise the curtain: talented musician Hsu Man-ni sounded the Triton's trumpet for the grand event.   On 11th November at 11 a.m., president Enkhbayar and former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng both addressed their speeches for the opening ceremony of “the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.”     President Enkhbayar addressed in his speech, “…Today happens to be the 150th anniversary of the end of World War I. Today's meaningfulness is as inspiring as the ceremonial function of the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda. It is the proof that the issues between countries should be resolved through peaceful passages instead of battles and wars.”     Former premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng said in his speech, “…As an old saying goes ‘walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.’ Our old master planted a tree of cultivation and enlightenment for later generations. Today we witnessed the profundity of Buddhism through Master Dao-Yi’s eyes.”      Cutting the ribbon for the “Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda” and “Chan Lamp Meditation Hall”   Meanwhile, President Tsai Ing-wen had specially sent congratulations by letter on the establishment ceremony of “Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda” and “Chan Lamp Meditation Hall” on 11th November 2018. In the letter, she wrote, “through the grand event, it is expected to carry forward the good tendencies of the religion to the world, and unite people to practice good deeds, develop care on society, culture and humanities.”   President Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, President of Indian Officers' Association Rajaram Moorthy, Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov and Mongolian poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo took a group photo with pupils from Hualien Ocean Holiday School in front of the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.   After the ceremony, president Enkhbayar and other guests had vegetarian lunch at the Fragrance Cloud Floor in Vandana Monastery. President Enkhbayar enjoyed the meal.   In the afternoon, president Enkhbayar attended the grand Mongolian dance and music feast held for the celebration of Vandana Monastery. Music produced by the top-notch Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov, the great show was brought by 17 Mongolian national dancers and music performers, with brilliant poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo narrating his beautiful poem.   Poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo gives a narration of his poem.     Mongolian State Philharmonic performed with zither, Morin khuur(horsehead fiddle) and the piano     Traditional festive dance performed by the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble   Originality: Mongolian choomi (throat singing) merged with Western opera   President Enkhbayar presented Dr. Yu Hsi a gift of gratitude, friendship, and commemoration; president of the State of Mongolia commemorative silver coin and a hardcover edition of "the Great Mongol Empire." The same gifts were also given to the former president of R.O.C. Ma Ying-jeou and the former premier of the Executive Yuan R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng.          Dr. Yu Hsi with the top-notch Mongolian composer Natsag Jantsannorov and his daughter the horsehead-fiddle player Jantsannorov Uugantuya   Dr. Yu Hsi, president Enkhbayar, composer Natsag Jantsannorov, and poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo took a group photo with the Mongolian State Philharmonic and the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble.   After the unforgettable music and dance feast, Dr. Yu Hsi led president Enkhbayar to the Religion and Poetry Forum 2018 held by the Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum. There president Enkhbayar gave an opening speech to participants including: President of the Czech PEN club Jiří Dědeček, President of the Slovak PEN club Milan Richter, President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and the World Congress of Poets Dr. Maurus Young, Vice Chancellor of the University of Tamil Nadu Bhaskaran Ganapathy, Mongolian poet Gombojav Mend-Ooyo, professor of NKNU Lin Weng-ching, professor of NDHU Lee Chin-yi, and poet Du Yeh, etc.       Right after he finished his schedule in Hualien, president Enkhbayar with his crew headed to the train station and took a north-bound train to Taipei where he paid visits planned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to several national core organizations such as the Examination Yuan of R.O.C., Legislative Yuan of R.O.C., Control Yuan of R.O.C., and Judicial Yuan of R.O.C. in the following days. Selected details will be illustrated in the next article.         -End of Part 2-


Former President of Mongolia - Nambar Enkhbayar - trip to Taiwan (1)

2018 - 11 - 10
The former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar paid a visit at Taiwan for 11 days on invitation of Master Dao-Yi (Yu Hsi) of Vandana Monastery starting from 9th November, ending on 20th November.                     The former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar and his wife Mrs. Tsolmon arrived at Taoyuan Intl. Airport on 9th November, welcome by Dr. Yu Hsi and his work team.   (left to right) Ambassador Khaliun, Mrs. Tsolmon, President Nambar Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, Senior Executive Officer Sun   In the morning of 10th November, president Enkhbayar took a tour of the Vandana Monastery. In the afternoon, he enjoyed the classical music and dance drama "AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN" (one in a million) from Tamil Nadu produced by the founder president of Bharat Cultural Center ( Rajaram Moorthy in celebration of the establishment of “the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda.”       Dr. Yu Hsi and President Nambar Enkhbayar in the Chan Lamp Meditation Hall   Dr. Yu Hsi and the presidential couple took a picture in front of the golden statue of Master Chuang-Ching.   In Gan-Lu Meditation Hall, President Enkhbayar smells the scent of the Pu'er tea brick.   Dr. Yu Hsi's shows his long scroll poetry to President Enkhbayar.        Dr. Rajaram gives a speech at the end of the show.          President Enkhbayar confers honours upon performers.   Thirukkural was written 2000 years ago by a Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar. All the couplets deal with various aspects of human activities like devotion to God, ascetic life, family life, charity, kingship, defense, friendship, love etc. In this musical dance drama "One in a Million", 62 couplets have been chosen to depict the life of a prince from birth to herothood.   President Enkhbayar took a photo with the Indian dance group led by Dr. Rajaram Moorthy.    Later in the evening, president Enkhbayar and former premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng attended the yearly thousand-people mountain pilgrimage of Vandana Monastery and struck the bell praying for world peace.        (L) Former Premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng arrived at Vandana Monastery, welcome by Dr. Yu Hsi. (R) Mr. Chang Shan-cheng with former Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Huang Chung-Chiu   President Enkhbayar and former Premier of the Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng stride into the main hall.   Three extraordinary men gathered together, exchanging ideas.   President Enkhbayar mentioned a poem "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by the English poet John Donne while giving the solemn speech for the Water-Land Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage; "The poem emphasizes an idea of striking the bell for the whole universe instead of doing it for oneself. In the same time, the bell tolling sound has a positive meaning of pursuing good fortune and avoiding the mishaps in Mongolian customs." Said President Enkhbayar, "The tolling bell awakes the people who get lost in busy lives. The person who tolls the bell must remain calm and happy for he is bringing benefit to others." Lastly, president Enkhbayar came to a conclusion by saying "if there's no kindness and friendship in one's life, the tolling bell can wake him up and make him remember to benefit others. The tolls of bell have provided a way for the public to practice and become Buddhas."   President Enkhbayar gives an address for the Water-Land Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage.       President Enkhbayar and Former Premier Mr. Chang struck the peace bell praying for a greater future of our world.        After the bell striking, they strolled up to see the Prabhūtaratna Peace Pagoda in night view and introduced Chang to the Chan Lamp Meditation Hall.   (left to right) Secretary-general of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Former Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Huang Chung-Chiu, Former Premier of the Executive Yuan of R.O.C. Chang Shan-cheng, President Nambar Enkhbayar, Dr. Yu Hsi, Mrs. Tsolmon, wife of Chang Shan-cheng, wife of Huang Chung-Chiu, translator Mrs. Tsengelmaa         -End of Part 1-                         For Whom the Bell TollsbyJohn Donne                                                                          No man is an island,                                                                       Entire of itself.                                                                       Each is a piece of the continent,                                                                       A part of the main.                                                                       If a clod be washed away by the sea,                                                                       Europe is the less.                                                                       As well as if a promontory were.                                                                       As well as if a manor of thine own                                                                       Or of thine friend's were.                                                                       Each man's death diminishes me,                                                                       For I am involved in mankind.                                                                       Therefore, send not to know                                                                       For whom the bell tolls,                                                                       It tolls for thee.      

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Thousand People Mountain Pilgrimage & "One in a Million" Tamil Folk Dance Drama in Vandana Monastery
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Moudrý lovec 2.díl / Strana 99-130

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