Pristine- Chapter II. I Shall Follow

2018 - 07 - 04
Pristine◎ Yu Hsi   Chapter Two: I Shall Follow 我相隨   I am meditating; in the realm of forms, worms awake and wriggle in the earth.I am recalling the past; at zone 53 in the array of the terraces and towers in hometown… 我在冥想 色界裡有蟲在土中萌 我在長相憶 故鄉的樓閣陣列53區   The sounds of running water babble and gurgle in the rivers.The drifting sail carried the roving travelersAnd came to cast anchor at the moonless harbor for the night.Two currents of convective clouds collided with each otherSo as to supply the earth with abundant water.If the universe is too esoteric to be grasped,Why do gods still have a clue somehow?You who are mystic,  who is romantic, and he who is passionateRun a chain store together that sells dreams.The primitive peach trees are hidden in the secluded forest;Shielded by the God of trees and forests, they have never been discovered.The wind is howling; how come out of the ever-frozen icy mountain rocksSurprisingly grow tens of thousands of blooms of flames today?     嘩喇嘩喇江河流水聲響亮   漂泊的帆送走流浪的過客 來到沒有月光的港口泊宿 兩股對流雲系在互相衝撞 是為了應供大地豐沛水氣 若是 宇宙神秘不可思議 那麼云何眾神心裡還有數 神奇的你浪漫的熱情的伊 共築一家販賣夢想的連鎖店 潛藏森林密處的原生桃花林 在主樹神守護下從未被發現 狂嘯 云何亙古冰 的寒巖 驚見 今日秀出萬朵的蕊焰     Last night, came sprightly to my dreams,Showing me the way to jocund dreams in the dreamland.Since I intended to prim up for the occasion and accompany  to the theater,A group of people agreed to meet at dusk to have a haircut first.I was the first one to arrive at the dreamy barber shop.The barber wanted his apprentice to start with shampooing me and giving me skincare.Afterwards, he took me by car to another place for haircutting.Fearful of others in the same trade in the region to steal business,He drove through a rugged and rough gruesome path.I came to a small rural town so much like an ancient farming village.All of us met there again.Oddly, on stage in front of the temple was a mysterious tribal drama.There were psychics in action; performing self hypnosis, they imagined themselves to be immortals, gods and buddhas.We ran in panic inside the labyrinth of the nine indigenous tribes,Treading and turning in confusion in the messy and unorganized alleys and lanes of the aboriginals.Unaware of the lapse of time, we then started to notice the first rays of the morning sun light up the firmament.All of us had our feet in the blossoming cotton field.Afar, the familiar road came into everybody’s field of vision…     昨夜飄然來到我的夢中 引導我在夢裡如何尋夢去 我為了打扮美美的陪去看戲 一群人相約在黃昏去修剪髮型 我最先獨自來到夢幻的理容院 老闆先要學徒幫我洗頭兼美白 然後驅車帶我到另個地方剪燙 唯恐這區很多同行來爭搶生意 車行過崎嶇不平的陰森小徑 我來到恍若古農莊的小村落 我們一群人又全都遇在一起 出現眼前的卻是一場部落的神秘廟戲 有乩童起乩在自我 化成仙成神成佛 我們一群人慌亂地奔跑在九族的迷宮   迂迴競走於亙古住民的雜亂巷弄   不知何時我們發覺天幕逐漸點亮   一群人的腳都踩在那盛開的棉花田裡   遠方熟悉的道路已出現在大家的眼簾⋯⋯     Your dreamlike smiles seem to be a combination lock that unbars the mirth of .Your lissome feet tripped it lithely and gracefully,Minutely enacting the endless tale of the Vernal Equinox.Mathematically, either to add to or to subtract from 37 — the figure of comparativeinference1 of the mystic train with number 2020 —Or 31 — the figure of negative inference — you will have 8.Two stars belonging to the Dipper Mansion2 of direct inference suddenly appear in the Milky Way tonight.Multihued vernal colors are lavishing along both riverbanks, offering a feast of handsome views as far as the eyes can see.Listen! Your soft murmur has called out the vast azure of the sea.Behold! The desert rose  brought back from the incredible waterwayIs trying to outshine your Star of Bethlehem.You desired  to keep you company in the garden full of azaleasTo enjoy the view of the exceptional butterflies dancing gracefully with their chromatic wings.Suddenly “e” approached and produced an enveloped letter from the front of his Chinese garment.“e” asked  not to open it until he reached the path juxtaposed with lilies.I had promenaded with  on the costal shore facing the Atlantic Ocean,Along Shakespeare Bay in New Zealand,Following the crest lines of the ridges on the east coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean,And on the east part of the island of Hokkaido facing the Sea of Okhotsk. said I am the fair butterfly that flew hither from the dreamland.Eight years ago, we made a pact to meet up this spring to follow our dreams and have an outing in the verdant nature.I figure there will be a miracle of love tonight… 1.A syllogism that consists of proposition, reason and example.2.One of the twenty eight lunar mansions.     妳夢幻般笑容是歡樂的密碼鎖 輕盈的腳足踏著凌波曼妙的舞步 微密遊走於那說不完的春分故事 從2020 神秘列車班次的比量數字37 從非量的31 增減都是8 的數學算術 是現量的斗宿二星在今夜銀河乍現 春的繽紛色彩旋放在大河兩岸競演滿目風光 諦聽妳輕細的呢喃已喚出那一片大海的蔚藍 看從不可思議的航道帶回來那朵沙漠玫瑰 在與妳的伯利恆之星拼場 妳要相陪在滿園的杜鵑 看那絕色的蝴蝶翩翩起舞 突然e走過來從長衿內拿出一 信函 要走到 合花間錯的小徑才能打開 我曾經陪散步在大西洋的海岸線上 在紐西蘭的莎士比亞沙灘 在太平洋東海岸山之稜線 在鄂霍次克海的北海道東 說我是那美麗的蝴蝶從夢裡飛來 在八年前就相約在今春尋夢踏青去 我想在今夜會出現一段愛情的奇蹟⋯     A sense of being thrilled by sublime beauty; a sense of adoration; a sense of being emotionally moved;A brooding mind; a sentimental heart; a waft of vernal breezeReddens the peach blossoms all over the branches in hometown.You and I are of the same substance3 and we never break.Even if tsunami would occur in the sea of dreamsAnd overwhelmingly inundate the mountain peaks slightly strewn with Chinese silver grass,The Barque of Mercy would drift hither and function as a bridge on water.In an instant, the mountaintop is transformed into flat land.You and I are well trained, and we both have a “diamond indestructible body”.You and I will never separate from each other, and we are assimilated into the placid tranquility.“e” and I share the burden for the sake of a great cause.4Behold! Gradually the glowing wheel of setting sun disappears from the sky.I am meditating; in the realm of forms,5 worms awake and wriggle in the earth.I am recalling the past. At zone 53 in the array of the terraces and towers in hometown,Every section has its own sequence of signs and codes.She and I attend the assembly and together we consult the repetitions of verses that tally with the mind.6The universe with its myriad of majestic phenomena cannot cause trepidation to you,  and “e”.She enjoys foreboding inside the consciousness of the zone of fantasy,Loving to create a surprising encounter with  in her dreams.All the scenes, images and fragments of the past revisited in remembranceAre devoured by her scroll of mountains capped in snow-white clouds.Tidal waves ebb and secrete her deep memories,Taking an impression of her true love so that an instant turns into eternity,So that it remains eternal and immutable in the world of forms and realm of sentient beings.And it is then transferred back to the incredible waterway of .He and I share the same knowledge of ultimate truth7 like lilies in winter releasing brisk autumn.Look!  gave me and him a pair of jogging shoes each.We go jogging side by side along the fields immersed in smoky light and slight drizzle.Dreams proceed, tracking the trajectory of light.Forms shift, following the instructions of gods.It is the tipsy feeling of love in springThat induces the direct inference of love arising in this season.It comes from the dreamlike broad and vast kalpa;They finally reunite and snuggle up to each other today. 3.The first of the ten forms of understanding from a summary of the teaching of the Zen school.4.The second form of understanding.5.World of sensuous desires.6.The third form of understanding.7.The fourth form of understanding.     一種驚艷一種愛慕一種 容 一縷心思一片情懷一陣春風   吹得原鄉滿樹桃花都轉紅   我和妳一同一質從不裂破   縱然是夢海裡出現大海嘯 瞬間遮淹了微芒的山之巔 看那一艘慈航漂來當水橋 剎時掀翻山頭化為平坦的大地 我和妳練就一身金剛不壞之身 我與妳不再相離互相融入碧寂 我和e二同大事雙雙並肩擔起 看那黃昏一輪晚紅逐漸消失於天空 我在冥想 色界裡有蟲在土中萌 我在長相憶 故鄉的樓閣陣列53 區 每區都有每個自己符碼的次第 我和她總同參同時一起參同契 萬象森羅懡㦬不了妳和與e 她愛在妄想區宇的意識裡占卜 愛在夢中製造與的偶然相遇 過去的身影歷歷幕幕景景追映 都被她一片雪白雲山捲軸吞食 看波波海潮退藏她甚深的記憶 將剎那化為永恆拓印她底真愛 在世間相有情天裡常住不變易 傳輸回那不可思議的航道上 我和伊同真智如雪荷釋放清秋 看送給我與伊的兩雙慢跑鞋 齊步跑在煙光雨氣浮溢的田野 有夢尋著光的軌在前進 有形循著神的指令在挪移 是春天那微醺之 的感覺 牽引這一季生發現量的愛 從夢幻的廣大劫來 今日終於相依相偎     and I share the understanding of ubiquity.8Before, in the clay-brick hut as well as in the stone house,We had lit candles together at dusk.In the night of vernal breeze, we opened the windows to greet the bright full moon.We enjoyed the view of the lucent dewdrops dancing upon tender new leaves at Vernal Equinox.Affection is infusing like that piece of sandglass at the corner of the walls.Love is glimmering and advancing like starlight in the Milky Way.He and I are completeAnd without lack.9The Spirit Peak is obscured by clouds,The wetland veiled in haze.Last night,  gave me an sapphire pendant,Telling me that my eyes are as lucid as lake water.You and I share the same gains and losses.10If  does not return tonight,You and I will go looking for him together.I had a dream last night;I dreamt that I became invisible behind the black curtain and performed the art of flying in the sky and fleeing underground.said that there is a treasured sword between your eyebrows;said that there is a golden mallet inside one of my sleeves.You and I share the same destiny when it comes to life and death ⊙ .11I gazed, the look in my eyes expressing my reluctance to part.Tonight, I strand myself in a waterway of love,No longer on the drift following the tides of affection.I see a colorific hunting leopardTeasing a virtual butterfly. 8.The fifth form of understanding.9.The sixth form of understanding.10.The seventh form of understanding.11.The eighth form of understanding.     我和本就同普 不管是過去的土塊石頭屋 我們都共同曾在黃昏裡點燭 在春風的夜晚開窗迎那一輪明亮的月光 看春分的滴露在新生鮮嫩的綠葉上滾 情如牆角的那只沙漏在傾注 愛如銀河的星光在閃爍增益 我與伊本就同具足 再也沒有互相欠餘 雲遮的靈峰 霧濛的溼原 昨夜送給我一顆水藍色的墜子 說我眼神像兩窪清澈湛然的湖水 我和妳本就同得失 若今夜沒有回來   我與妳共同去尋找   我昨夜做了一個夢   夢到隱身黑色布幕裡表演飛天遁地   說妳眉間有寶劍 說我袖中有金鎚 我和妳本就同生殺☉ 捨不得的是我那雙依依不捨的眼神 今夜我把自己擱淺在一條愛的航道 不再追隨情的浪濤漂泊 我看見一匹彩繪的獵豹 在逗弄一隻虛擬的蝴蝶     still cannot avert his gaze from me;The lingering look in my eyes is singing the same tune as .12A waft of breeze blows the stone mortar, and they compose together a melody of prehistoric chaos.Tonight, the moonlight is embraced by a sea of clouds.I had a sweet dream again at the noon of night.I dreamt that dewy-hearted as I was, I carried inside me antique treasures.Both  and I have attained entry to buddha-truth;13He and “e” on the other hand are still pacing to and fro outside the windows of dreamlandUntil the sun finally sets and the new moon gradually unveils itself in the sky…(to be continued) 12.The ninth form of understanding.13.The tenth form of understanding.     停留在我身上的眼神還是移不開 我那雙依依不捨的眼神和同音吼 一陣風來吹奏石臼共譜一曲混沌譜 今夜的月光被一片雲海擁抱入懷裡 我在夜半又做了一個快樂滿願的夢 夢到我內裡一片冰心藏有亙古寶礦 我和本就同得入 e與伊卻依然還在那夢的窗外徘徊 一直到天色逐漸從日落淡溶為新月⋯ (未完待續...)


Pristine- Chapter I. As He Makes the Scene

2018 - 05 - 30
Pristine◎ Yu Hsi   Chapter One:As (He) Makes the Scene 依(他)起 You are from the South where the heat is; it is about serving, receiving, and achieving.You and  are ever so inseparable like a body and its shadow... 南方離火的妳    是奉是承是功 妳與形影本就從來不相離 Vague, nebulous clouds fashion a “mountain shape” drifting aloft in the sky.A buffalo fond of ventriloquy strolls in the vernal Valley of Butterfly.A mobile fortress is on the rove in the unbounded azure ocean.Alas! The Wheel of Time reverses for three thousand years,Witnessing the “I” that still fashion the Flying Buffalo in the Spirit MountainWhilst another “I” dreamt last night that the broken mirror from the olden dayswas made whole again.Inside the mirror, that timeworn oil lamp is lit again tonight.Vague, nebulous clouds fashion a “shaping mountain” drifting aloft in the sky.     迷離的雲虛擬一座「山形」漂浮半空中 有隻愛說腹語的牛 散步在春的蝴蝶谷 一方移 的雕堡在湛藍無垠的大海遊蕩 蹉跎 時輪逆流反轉三千年 親見有個我還在靈山造飛牛 另個我在昨夜夢到了疇昔的破鏡又重圓 鏡中鏡裡那盞破舊的老油燈今夜又點亮 迷離的雲虛擬一座「形山」漂浮半空中     Tonight, the fishing boat went ashore at the quay by the old lighthouse from its pelagic trip;once again sailed back from the incredible voyage.I await with expectation and endearment in hometown,Wishing that the violent winds of force thirteen on the Beaufort scale will not cause huge waves to surge again tonight.gave me a pair of climbing shoes when we parted long ago;We agreed to rendezvous on the day of Vernal Equinox and have an outing together.Last year, the train with number 2020 ran on the North-link Railway Line, Fleeting by the east coast facing the Pacific Ocean.I absorbedly gazed at  with smiles and lost in thoughts.I took the black trench coat with blue strands that  handed over and wrapped it around my shoulders.In the very instant, I felt being totally enfolded by the passionate warmth of .Thirty-one years ago, someone gave  a scarf in pure colorIn late autumn when frost had started to fall and the white horse entered the reed catkins.Sixteen years ago, she re-weaved the golden brim of it for .It was during the time of Winter Solstice and Little Cold when the Tale of Winds was being enacted.Eight years ago, you once again embroidered a fire phoenix along the brim of the brocade.Last night, in the dreams,  asked me to knit a curved Milky Way on the scarf as well.At that very moment, I was struck by the piercing stare of . held my little hands and a sort of magical pulse wave just ran through me.It was as if my whole body were being struck by lightning that it quickly started to transmit heat and quiver. said that my lips are as sweet as the icy springs from melt vernal snow. said that my nose is as magnificently sharp and upright as a pure white icy mountain peak.A hurricane of affection is transformed into phenomena of love.That night, I woke up from a sweet dream —Out of the sudden I noticed that the skin on my wrists still bears the traces of the touch of …     遠航漁船今夜在古舊燈塔碼頭靠岸  又再一次從不可思議的航道回來 原鄉守候的我正在殷切深情地盼望 祈願今夜十三級風不要再吹高浪潮  在昔日離別時送給我一雙登山鞋   與我相約在今年的春分一起踏青去 去年2020 班次的北迴線上 列車飛駛過太平洋東海岸 我曾忘情望著微笑發呆 接過一襲黑色藍線風衣披掛肩上 瞬間我全身充塞滿懷熱情的餘溫 有個伊在三十一年前送一條純色圍巾 那時是深秋霜降最初白馬入蘆花的時候 她在十六年前重新為織縫了金色框邊 那年正是冬至小寒輪到風的故事在上演 八年前妳又在錦框邊新繡了一隻火鳳凰 昨夜夢裡請我在圍巾上再織一灣銀河 彼時我在夢裡受到炯炯有神雙眸伏擊  輕輕握住我小手一種神奇脈波流過   我全身如被閃電擊中般迅速導熱顫抖  說我的唇如春雪融的冰泉那般甜美  說我的鼻如潔白冰峰那般傲然高聳 一陣 的旋風化成愛的現象 那一夜我從一場美夢中甦醒 突然發覺我腕上的肌膚還留有指螺的印記⋯     With a pair of innocent eyes, IWitness the pure and fabulous affection you feel dearly for .With a pair of innocent eyes, IWitness the eternal protection  assiduously renders to you. I hade a dream again last night.I dreamt that there was a different realm, the space of the third scroll, in his dreamland.An injured mantis escaped from his tightly bitten teeth;The pain was such that it dashed away immediately.I saw his feet — as tender as a baby’s —Were being tightly bitten at by another mantis.“Ouch! It is so painful!” he cried out.In the dream I had last night,I found out that there was an alternative corner, the third corner, in the dreamland of “e” —It is a used return ticket left behind by “e”When he took the Milky Way train long ago.“e” lingers inside the totem of the mysterious ticket,Being bashful and hesitant and yet imbued with great elation at the same time.You hold in your hand an ancient precious ruby candle.Lit as it is, you still cannot find your way out.     我以一雙純真的眼神   親見妳對依 的情是那麼的純潔炫麗   我以一雙純真的眼神 親見對妳的永恆護念是那麼殷勤咐囑 我昨夜又作了一個夢 夢到伊夢裡有座別境第三卷軸空間 有隻負傷的螳螂掙脫伊咬緊的齒間   疼痛得四處奔跑遠離 我看到伊那雙嬰兒般纖嫩的小腳 竟被另外一隻螳螂緊緊咬住不放 伊叫著好疼喔好痛喔 在我昨夜的那個夢中 我發現e夢裡有個另類第三角落 是e疇昔搭乘過的那列銀河列車 於過去所留下底一張來回的票根 e在那張神秘票券的圖騰裡徘徊 是那麼羞澀和徬徨卻充滿了喜悅 妳手中握一枝鮮紅的亙古寶燭 點亮了 卻還是遍尋不著出路     This morning, in the garden with azaleas in full bloom, ISaw two pairs of butterfly alae inscribed with Sanskrit scriptsFly hither to stay on the splendorous fingertips of  and remain still.By the time we arrived at the Rain Charm Pavilion on Mount Miao-Feng,The chilly drizzly weather suddenly cleared up.I remember she had once waited for  in the rain.And her irradiating sweet smilesHad rendered it to blossom with gorgeous rosiness all over the mountains.By the minutely yet constantly changing Heavenly Pool,Branches of the Indian Almond trees all point southerly.You are from the South where the heat is; it is about serving, receiving, and achieving. You and  are inseparable like a body and its shadow.When it comes to you on the day of Vernal Equinox, the sprouts of affection and the love flowers of enlightenmentAre flourishing and blossoming generously and freely. (to be continued...)     今晨我在開滿杜鵑花的花園裡 看到兩對蝴蝶翅羽書滿了梵文 飛來停格在剎炫的指螺 我們來到妙峰山的觀雨亭 天氣忽然從陰涼微雨轉晴 記得她曾經在雨中等候  那時因為她那甜蜜的笑容 使滿山開遍了美麗的桃紅 在那座變化密移的天池畔 欖仁樹的雙雙靈枝都指向南方 南方離火的妳 是奉是承是功 妳與形影本就從來不相離 春分的妳 愛的覺花情的種苗 正自由自在蓬勃生發盛長綻放 (未完待續...)

About Yu-Hsi

Yu Hsi is an accomplished photographer, musician, producer, director and writer who has been producing original work for over thirty years. His works are steeped with romantic characters and musical spirits, depicting the diversity of humankind. He has delved into the Eastern philosophy and the masterful use of language in classical literature to create a modern style that is characterized by freedom, wisdom and abundant emotions.


Indian poet President A.P.J Abdul Kalam was invited by the poet Yu Hsi to Visit Taiwan (Heshan Forum - 30th WCP)
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Yeh, Hai-yen

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Perhaps the magic the poet performs is that of the complete meeting of minds. What he has found in this non-sentient material world doe...

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